Benidorm Pharmacy

Benidorm Pharmacy

At Los Almendros Pharmacy in Benidorm, you will find the best specialised advice in everything related to your health: cosmetics, baby care, hygiene, natural health, orthopaedics, dietetics, nutrition, sexual health, blood pressure monitoring, analyses and much more. We are waiting for you at Los Almendros, your pharmacy in Benidorm!

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Av. de los Almendros, 17, Benidorm


965 86 44 11 │ 680 31 88 48


With the Mediterranean Sea as our witness, Los Almendros Pharmacy has been in constant evolution for more than 25 years so that it may offer you the best experience. If you come to visit us, you will find a great team of professionals who will provide you with the most personalised help and attention. What are you waiting for?

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Pharmacy Services in Benidorm

Sunscreens - Benidorm Pharmacy


Solar radiation affects our skin in both summer and winter and is responsible for premature skin aging. We recommend using sunscreen all year round.

Cosmetics - Benidorm Pharmacy


Enjoy the most innovative treatments in facial, body and hair care. The best cosmetic brands are waiting for you. Feel the beauty at Almendros!

Natural Health - Benidorm Pharmacy

Natural Health

Go natural! We offer a section dedicated to homeopathy, phytotherapy, Bach flower remedies and natural dietetics. Mother Nature is our best source of health.

Nutrition and Dietetics - Benidorm Pharmacy

Nutrition and Dietetics

If you want to lose weight, improve your physical performance or improve your quality of life, visit us! We offer a Nutritional Consultation Service.

Earrings for Babies - Benidorm Pharmacy

Earrings for Babies

We are experts in ear piercing for newborns. Our team member, Mila, has been piercing babies’ ears in and around Benidorm for 25 years. Our method is easy, fast and safe!

Baby Care - Benidorm Pharmacy

Baby Care

Everything you need for your baby's care and hygiene, you will find it here. We work with the best brands, because your baby's health is our priority.

Analyses - Benidorm Pharmacy


We quickly and easily measure your glucose, cholesterol, HDL-LDL, triglycerides, uric acid, creatine and GPT. All with just a simple prick of your finger.

Orthopaedics - Benidorm Pharmacy


We want to improve your quality of life. Here, you'll find the solution that best suits you, whether you're a caregiver or a patient. Visit our Orthopaedics section!