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Tricóloga en Benidorm

Trichologist Service

Hair Health in Benidorm

The Hair Health service in Benidorm has been created with the aim of solving and preventing hair problems to prevent them from escalating.

Our trichologist, an expert in hair health and care, will analyze your scalp with a capillary micro-camera until she finds the root of the problem.

In addition, she will study your daily habits, since, many times, our current lifestyle can be the cause of poor hair health. Stress, organic problems, poor nutrition or incorrect hygiene are the main causes of hair problems.

Who is it for?

Our hair service is aimed at people who suffer from:

  • Hair fall.

  • Itchy scalp.

  • Dandruff.

  • Greasy hair.

  • Fragile hair.

  • Damaged hair.


In short, hair analysis is indicated for all those people who have perceived an aesthetic deterioration of their hair and, also, as a preventive measure due to seasonal changes, since greater hair loss has been observed in spring and autumn.

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