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Discover our team


Head Pharmacist

Rosa Ruiz

She ensures that everything works correctly and is always willing to help us in whatever is needed. You are not afraid of changes if they are for the better.


Associate Pharmacist

Xavi Reinosa

Under his shy appearance hides a fun and close person. Patience is the best virtue of him and medicines do not keep secrets from him.


Pharmacy Technician

Mila Barrull

A lifetime with us; has seen many of our pharmacy customers grow. And he knows everything there is to know in baby care.


Warehouse Manager

Javier Martín

Our 'Javito' is a folksy and formal man. Well, the formal thing, not so much, heh! He always has an idea in mind and makes life easy for all of us.


Associate Pharmacist

Vanessa Zamarro

She is our captain and the heart of the pharmacy. One day we are going to wear out her name; What if Vanessa over here, what if Vanessa over there…


Pharmacy Technician

Laura Barraza

'Lauri' has infected us all with his joy and his peculiar way of expressing himself, heh! The day she doesn't come, we miss her so much.


Technical Assistant

Cristina Beltré

Sincerity in its purest form! Although she may seem a bit serious at first, she is pure happiness. More than once you will catch her singing in the back room.

How can we help you?

We are a team of health professionals in continuous training and learning to be able to offer you the best specialized care.

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