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Baby Earrings


We put earrings in Benidorm

We are experts in putting earrings on newborns . Our colleague Mila has been making, safely and effectively, the holes in the ears of the babies of Benidorm and surroundings for more than 25 years. Come and ask for her!

We use the Inverness system, a 100% sterilized system, where the earring is encapsulated and passes from the gun to the baby's ear without being manipulated to avoid contamination. 

In addition, our earrings have a patented closure system that protects and prevents injuries at the time of piercing. The closure completely covers the rod and prevents it from being pointed. 

How to take care of baby's ears

Choose the earrings
  • They have to be hypoallergenic so they do not cause allergies.

  • They must be sterilized to avoid infection.

  • Its closure must be well secured so that it does not come loose and end up in the baby's mouth.

  • The earring cannot have sharp elements that could damage the soft skin of your daughter.

Move earrings

It is important to move the earrings a little every day. We recommend that after each bath they be gently moved back and forth to achieve optimal healing. 

Observe the ears

It is important to observe the holes and, if you observe any of these symptoms, take the girl to the pediatrician:

  •  The ears are very red.

  • The lobes are swollen.

  • appearance of pus

  • The ears are very hot.

To consider
  • Always handle earrings with clean hands.

  • The healing of the holes usually takes between 2 and 7 days.

  • It is recommended that healing be natural. It is better not to add products such as iodine or alcohol.

  • For the holes to be perfectly formed and not to close, it can take from 2 to 5 weeks.

Mila was very nice and a great professional !! Thank you very much Mila you were a charm!!

Nerea Bisbal

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