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Orthopedics in Benidorm

Farmacia Los Almendros is also your Orthopedics in Benidorm . We have a wide catalog of technical aids to facilitate the day-to-day life of both caregivers and dependent people. In addition, we have products to prevent and recover from injuries, whether in the field of sports or at work.

Orthopedic Services


Orthopedic rental

We offer you an orthopedic rental service, with the option to buy, at a very affordable price for crutches, walkers and wheelchairs. Ask us without obligation!


Compression Therapy

With compression therapy we help improve the circulation of your legs. Compression tights or stockings reduce swelling and the feeling of tired legs.



Prevent injuries in your day-to-day activities with orthopedic girdles. You can find: work girdles, espaldilleras, tubular girdles, pregnant girdles and much more.



The feet are the base of our body, since they support all our weight, and allow us to move. Its care is essential to enjoy an active and healthy life.


Bathroom Aids

So that you can carry out your daily cleanliness with total safety and independence, we have shower chairs, grab bars (handles), toilet lifts, urinals and everything you need.



Take your recovery with maximum safety and comfort thanks to our wide range of solutions for rehabilitation. Remember that the important thing is to recover completely. 


Dynamic Helps

Mobility is independence for the person and for those around him. We have a large section of dynamic aids: walkers, chairs, canes, crutches, cranes and scooters.



We have breast prostheses, bras and swimsuits for women who have had their breasts removed. Because feeling good about yourself helps on a psychological level. 



People who spend a lot of time in bed or sitting can get pressure ulcers. That is why anti-decubitus pillows and mattresses are very important.



We have a large catalog of orthoses that will help you prevent injuries, reduce pain or facilitate your recovery, whether in your day-to-day life, at work or playing sports.


Daily life

We help you overcome all the barriers that may arise in your day to day life with our large selection of aids for daily life. Because your independence is fundamental. 

Lots of variety of products and very friendly workers.

Mamen Martínez

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